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If Hospital Starts Functioning One Day Earlier, We May Save Atleast One More Life.
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Hospital Project

The group is planning to build a secondary care Hospital, with around 25 beds including Operation theatre, 2 ICU beds, 6 beds in maternity ward and 4 beds in Casualty. This facility could be upgraded further to house around 50 beds in the near future. It is the intention of the group to provide secondary level of medical care including stabilizing the patients before they are referred to a tertiary level hospital for any advanced care. It will be the endeavor of the group to bring a homely atmosphere with basic facilities. The group has acquired  7100  sq.ft land near the famous Shri Mahaganpati  Temple, Titwala. Part of this land is donated to Creative Group by Smt. Pramila Vasant Dalal, a resident of Dombivili. With Proper permissions from Municipal Corporation and Other authorities, Hospital Building constuction has started. Shree SiddhiVinayak Temple trust Titwala has taken responsibility to construct entire hospital building. To acquire the necessary assets & equipments for hospital to start functioning Funds are to be raised.
A commercially self sustainable low cost Out patient cum inpatient centre including diagnostics serving critical patients requiring admission, in an area predominantly inhabited by families whose average monthly income is around Rs 10,000 to 15,000/-

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The Creative group has been constituted with the blessings and best wishes of the community. We are living a comfortable life today because of the sacrifice of lives of thousands of revolutionaries and millions of people who participated in the Freedom Movement to support the fight against injustice. Those thousands of revolutionaries and millions of satyagrahis chose to devastate their own lives along with their families. We must honour their sacrifice by contributing to our society without selfish motives.
We have therefore joined hands together to make a difference in the lives of people.

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Appeal For Donation

Respected Sir / Madam,
Greetings from Creative Group, Manda-Titwala
It is with an earnest desire and a strong wish that we at Creative Group approach you to support us in our endeavor to set up a 25 beded secondary care hospital at Titwala providing basic 'Life Saving' emergency facility apart from providing In-patient, Out Patient, Maternity and ICU services. Creative Group has been successfully operating Creative Polyclinic for the last 10 years and has been instrumental in providing healthcare services on an Out-patient basis. We have been functioning on a no-profit no-loss basis and are registered under section 80G of Income Tax Act, 1951. It
has been our experience in these years that a number of lives could have been saved but for the lack of availability of even basic level of emergency and In-patient services here apart from the logistical issues faced in reaching Kalyan, which is the nearest referral city.
We at Creative Group have decided to make a difference to the lives of all those living in this temple town of Titwala and those living among the 68 odd villages around us.
It is with this background that we appeal to you for your whole hearted support in this initiative and help us so that together we can “Save A Life” and make a difference.
Wish you a Healthy Day today & everyday
With Warm regards
Vikrant Bapat
Founder & President ,Creative Group, Manda - Titwala

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